About Cluj Medical University

Cluj Medical University, situated in Romania, stands as a beacon of excellence in medical education. Established in 1872 for Medicine and 1919 for Dentistry, it holds a prominent place among Romania’s top higher education institutions. The university blends modern technology with long-standing traditions, offering students a conducive environment for learning and growth.

With over 9,000 students, including 2,000 international students, Cluj Medical University fosters a diverse and dynamic academic community. The university offers programs in Medicine and Dentistry in English, French, and Romanian, providing students with flexibility and accessibility in their education.

Cluj Medical University

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Why Study at Cluj Medical University?

  • Advanced academic teaching incorporating theoretical knowledge and practical training.
  • Departments equipped with modern technologies and well-stocked laboratories for immersive learning.
  • Accredited by the GMC/GDC, enabling graduates to practice in the UK.
  • Expansive library with over 300 study spaces and an extensive e-database accessible campus-wide.
  • Opportunities to engage in various societies and research centres, enriching academic and extracurricular experiences.

What is Living in Cluj-Napoca Like?

Living in Cluj-Napoca as a student offers a vibrant and enriching experience, characterised by a perfect blend of academic opportunities and cultural diversity.

Cultural and Academic Hub:

As a student in Cluj-Napoca, you’ll find yourself immersed in a city renowned for its academic excellence and rich cultural heritage. With a bustling population, Cluj-Napoca thrives as the fourth most populous city in Romania, offering a dynamic environment where students from various backgrounds converge to pursue their academic aspirations.

The city’s cultural scene is truly captivating, with a myriad of opportunities to explore visual arts, performing arts, and vibrant nightlife. From art galleries and museums to theatres and concert halls, there’s no shortage of cultural activities to indulge in during your free time. Additionally, Cluj-Napoca’s historic landmarks, including Saint Michael’s Church and the botanical garden, add to the city’s charm and provide glimpses into its rich history and heritage.

Cultural and Academic Hub
Transportation and Accessibility

Transportation and Accessibility:

Cluj-Napoca boasts excellent transportation facilities, making it easy for students to navigate the city and beyond. With an international airport connecting Cluj-Napoca to major European destinations, students have convenient access to travel opportunities. Moreover, the city’s well-developed road networks and efficient rail systems ensure seamless connectivity, allowing students to explore the city’s diverse neighbourhoods and surrounding areas with ease.

Overall, living in Cluj-Napoca as a student offers a perfect balance of academic excellence, cultural enrichment, and accessibility, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a fulfilling and rewarding university experience.

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