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You have questions and we have got answers, let us walk through the process. Here are the questions that we have been asked the most:

We are here for you! Every student from our agency studied medicine in Europe with the intention of going back to their home country, but we couldn’t let go because there was so much more that needed doing. We know exactly what students need and will be by your side every step of the way helping as best we can.

Our students are our number one priority and our team members will ensure you are safe, happy, and working towards your dream. We will contact you every step of the way and we would love to hear all your stories and what you’ve learnt in Europe!

You are not only students to us, but you are also our friends.

Yes! The University is recognised by the GMC, European Union, and the European Economic Area. You can check this for yourself if you’d like on the World Directory of Medical University’s website. 

We have been a legitimate agency for the last few years, and we know how to get things done right. We will be honest with you about everything from our hours of operation, available services offered by Medient (specialising in different areas), as well as any offers or promotions that are running at this time. All agreements made between us will come back under UK law because you deserve nothing but honesty when it comes to your money! For any services offered by Medient, you can be sure we will hold up our end of the bargain or give you back your money. We are proud to work with genuine people like ourselves and the university, which is why they signed an official contract agreement with us ensuring things run smoothly on both sides!

Yes, all lectures, modules and exams will be in English. You also have the option to learn the country’s language to ease your way around the city.

If you are applying from the UK or believe you have a good level of English, then you do not need to have English language certificates. The university may ask for proof of English language skills from students who do not come from English speaking countries or if you did not learn English at school.

Yes, of course! We offer entries for engineering, law, accounting, and various other courses. So, get in touch with us and we will explain the procedure.

We sure do! We accept secondary school certificates, GCSE’s, A-level’s or any equivalent qualifications/certificates such as a BTEC diploma or international certificates.

If you’re a UK/European student, you will not need a visa at all for residence in Poland. However, should there be a visa necessary, you should not worry at all as the process is very easy! We will also support you with all the documents you need to apply as one of our services. We also provide residency permits and health insurance as part of our services for no extra charge.

For sure, would we be an agency if we don’t factor that in. We ask that you leave that all to us! Yes, we’ve got a list of highly respectable and trust-worthy letting agencies available on the ground. Most students usually live in private apartments shared with their fellow course mates or close to the university. Flats are at very affordable prices with everything included.

Medient is a British agency that aims to aid students who are passionate about beginning or completing their medical qualifications in a GMC recognised university, meaning we are not part of UCAS!

There is neither an interview nor an entry exam. Once you are successful with your application, you are ready for admission. It is that simple!

The U.K. recognises all E.U. medical courses currently because they are GMC/GDC approved. Students who study in non-EEA countries will be registered in top universities that meet the current criteria of acceptance set by GMC/GDC. If you’ve studied in a non-EEA country, then you will have to take the PLAB exam. However, you will receive lots of support with this clinical registration exam via Medient . After 2023, the UK may be introducing the UKMLA registration exam, which will be sat by graduates from the UK and non-EEA countries.

Of course, we help students of all ages get into the university. You are never too old to study and work towards your dreams. We can still get you there.

The answers are now here, don’t you want to check out what program you are eligible for?
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