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Georgian National University SEU, established in 2001 by Ilia Chavchavadze, has rapidly emerged as one of Georgia’s leading higher education institutions, especially renowned for its medical programs. Our university is dedicated to providing a conducive educational environment and top-notch infrastructure for students pursuing their medical dreams. Join us at SEU for an unparalleled academic experience and a transformative journey in medicine.
Georgian National University SEU

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Why Choose Georgian National University SEU?

Life as a Medical Student at SEU

Life as a Medical Student at SEU

Life as a medical student at SEU is not just about studying; it’s about embracing a dynamic, culturally rich, and academically fulfilling journey. Join us at Georgian National University SEU and embark on an extraordinary adventure as you prepare for a rewarding career in medicine. Your journey begins here.

Living in Tbilisi

Embarking on your medical journey in Tbilisi, Georgia, offers a unique blend of academic excellence and enriching life experiences. As a medical student at SEU, you’ll find yourself in a vibrant city known for its historical significance and progressive approach to medical education.

Living in Tbilisi

Cultural Diversity

Embrace diversity at SEU, where students from around the world come together in pursuit of a common goal: advancing medical knowledge and practice. Forge lasting connections with peers and gain a global perspective on healthcare.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Benefit from SEU’s commitment to innovation, providing students with access to modern facilities and experienced faculty, ensuring a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience.

Beyond the Classroom

Explore Tbilisi's cultural richness, tranquil green spaces, and diverse dining experiences. With its central location in Georgia, Tbilisi offers easy access to explore the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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