Step 1:

Application review

Getting into the university of your dream comes with a process. Just provide the documents and we will take it from there. Here are the documents you will need to have so we can get started.

1st-year entry:

A copy of your high school certificate (12th Grade)/ GCSE/A-level transcripts which include all subjects and marks.

Transfer entry:

A copy of your high school certificate (12th Grade)/ GCSE/A-level transcripts which include all subjects and marks.
A copy of your current university transcripts which include all subjects and marks.

At the end of a successful application, you would be guaranteed a place at a top-ranking university. Our years of expertise in making this happen speaks for us.

Step 2:

Invitation to study

Once we guarantee entry for you into a top medical university and you decide you want to begin your medical journey, the next step will be:
To send us a signed copy of our agreement
First-year payment to cover all your services and to secure your place in the university. Click here to see what is included in your services.
After completion of the second step, your acceptance letter will be delivered within 7 working days, along with all the necessary documents you may need for enrolment.

Step 3:

Accommodation arrangement

It is a lot thinking of putting everything in place for your travels. We can take on the accommodation part on for you. You can travel with your mind at rest knowing fully well that your accommodation is sorted. Our range of accommodation provisions include:
University student hostels.
Private fully furnished apartments
Luxury fully furnished apartments.

Step 4:

Upon arrival.

Once you arrive to your chosen destination, one of our friendly staff members will welcome you at the airport and take you to our office for registration and guidance. Our staff members will then provide you with the following:
University course login details.
Accommodation details.
Address registration document.
Residency permit card.
Classes/lectures timetable.
General guidance for life in your new city, such as food options, transport, leisure and places of worship.

You have now completed your admission process and you are ready to begin your medical career!

We are not the agency that leaves you hanging – we are committed to the process and will stick with you every step of the way. Just ask for help and we will be available to take it up.
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