Our service pricing is dynamic and we advise that you reach out and we will arrange a call that allows us to know the pricing that works just right for you.

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Tuition fees
While our own pricing system is dynamic, the university’s tuition fees are not.
For the first year of admission, the tuition fee starts from only £3,800 depending on your entry level. There are service fees added depending on university of choice and course chosen too.
For the remaining years of study, you only need to pay your tuition fee with no extra charges.
Here are what the living costs in Poland are like...


£ 10-15 per month


£ 80-120 per month


£ 200- 260 per month


£ 40-70 per month

Monthly cost of rent

+ food & drink is roughly between
£ 320-400 per month

What exactly does the service fee for the first year cover?

Our Services
We are a team with a lot of moving parts, the focus of all of the movement is to get you a world-class medical education.

Assigned advisor:

You will be assigned a student advisor to guide you and be your friend throughout your whole journey in Poland.

Up-to-date announcements:

We’ll send you information via email and text message that would benefit you in your path to medicine/dentistry.

24/7 support:

Our advisors are always ready to answer your questions throughout the entire period of your study, as well as involving you with other students via our WhatsApp group chats.

Legalisation of your stay:

We provide you with all the necessary paperwork needed in Poland such as residency permits, Medical insurance, educational support and accommodation arrangement.

Acceptance letter:

Your acceptance letter, along with supporting documents, will be emailed to you and delivered directly to your home address.

Airport pickup:

One of Medient’s trustable staff members will be waiting for students when they arrive and guide them to their accommodation.

Medient accommodation office:

We have an official accommodation services office in order to help travelling students gain access to accommodation that is suitable to their needs.

Arrival support:

Our staff members will support you with your internet services, SIM contracts, necessary bills and opening a bank account.

Revision material:

Past papers and learning materials are also provided for many of the degrees we offer so the students can have a head start.

After graduation

While you might be scared that there are agencies that don’t fully immerse students into the entire experience, we assure you that at Medient, there are no such cases. We have a robust network that continues to look out for you beyond medical university.

After graduation, we are still there for our students and continue to help them advance their life goals.

Medient’s examination process:

We aid graduating students in preparation for PLAB examination which includes past papers and notes. This includes hosting PLAB test examinations for medical graduates who wish to go to the UK and begin their careers with the NHS.

Assistance with your CV, cover letter and NHS interview preparations.
Medient provide recommendation letters for graduates to strengthen their job applications.
Every client is guaranteed 100% satisfaction, and we focus on ensuring value for money too as part of the work we do. It takes us years to build up experience in this industry, so we do everything in our power to gain your satisfaction, so APPLY TODAY!
Pick a program type and we will take it on from there. Check to see the medical programme you are eligible for.
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