About The "Vasile Goldi" Western University of Arad

Founded in 1990, in the 34 years, the Western University “Vasile Goldiş” from Arad has become a city of science and culture of Arad, Transylvania and Euro-regional, integrated in the European space of research and education, being affiliated to international organizations .

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Why study at The "Vasile Goldi" Western University of Arad?

Vasile Goldis Western University, named in honor of the prominent Romanian politician Vasile Goldis, was established in 1990 with just two faculties and has since grown to encompass six faculties, including Medicine, serving approximately 6,000 students.

Located in Arad, Romania, a thriving industrial center with a strategic position along the Mures River, the city boasts a population of around 160,000, ranking as the 12th largest in Romania. Arad is celebrated for its robust economy, featuring extensive transportation infrastructure, including an efficient tram network, Arad International Airport, and the largest cargo terminal in western Romania. The university offers a modern and comprehensive curriculum, with a 6-year program taught in English.

The initial three years emphasize fundamental knowledge and pre-clinical studies, followed by three years of clinical experience, including hospital rotations and surgical courses. Graduates earn a Master’s Degree in Medicine (MD) with international recognition, enabling them to practice in EU and non-EU countries, including the UK post-Brexit. Vasile Goldis University is a preferred destination for students seeking medical education in Romania.

What is living in Arad like?

Living in Arad as a medical student offers numerous benefits. Firstly, the city strikes a perfect balance between academic focus and a lively urban environment. With Vasile Goldis Western University’s strong commitment to delivering top-notch medical education, students enjoy access to modern teaching facilities and a conducive learning atmosphere. This allows for an enriching academic experience that lays a solid foundation for their medical careers.

Additionally, Arad’s economic vibrancy provides ample opportunities for students to engage in part-time jobs or internships, gaining practical experience while studying. The city’s strong industrial presence translates into a thriving job market, enabling students to secure employment and support themselves financially. Moreover, Arad’s affordability ensures that students can manage their living expenses without excessive financial stress, making it an ideal choice for those pursuing medical education. Overall, Arad offers an all-encompassing student life, blending academic excellence, cultural engagement, economic opportunities, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Furthermore, the city’s strategic location along the Mures River positions it as a vital transportation hub, simplifying travel for students who wish to explore the region or visit home during breaks. This accessibility enhances their overall convenience and mobility. In essence, living in Arad not only nurtures academic growth but also provides students with a dynamic and well-rounded lifestyle that enhances their personal and professional development.

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