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Nestled in the captivating city of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Trakia University beckons aspiring medical and veterinary students from around the globe. With a focus on personalized education, our intimate medical faculty caters to approximately 600 students, ensuring that each individual embarks on a transformative journey towards a future as a doctor.

At Trakia University, you’re not just a student; you’re part of a vibrant, close-knit community dedicated to academic excellence. Explore our medical and veterinary programs and unleash your potential with the support and individual attention that set our university apart. Join us on the path to a fulfilling medical career at Trakia University in the heart of Stara Zagora.

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Why study at Trakia University?

Trakia University, also known as Thrace University, is a welcoming academic institution nestled in the charming city of Stara Zagora. Established in 1982 and granted independent higher education status in 1995, our Faculty of Medicine warmly embraces approximately 600 medical students from Bulgaria and around the world. They are guided by a dedicated team of over 200 esteemed academic staff members.

Stara Zagora, with its historical roots tracing back to 342 BC, is not merely the backdrop but an integral part of your educational adventure. It boasts a rich history and a highly developed infrastructure, boasting over 40 schools offering a diverse range of subjects. The city proudly hosts the country’s largest hospitals, Bulgaria’s oldest theatre, and the Balkan Peninsula’s largest opera. Museums, art galleries, and a vibrant atmosphere add character to Stara Zagora.

Recognized for its exceptional quality of life in Europe, Stara Zagora has earned accolades for its newly built homes, affordability, and cultural heritage.

Trakia University’s Faculty of Medicine is situated at 11 Armeiska Street in Stara Zagora, while the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine finds its home in the Student Campus. We invite you to join us at Trakia University, where your educational journey begins, filled with history, culture, and academic excellence.

What is living in Stara Zagora like?

Embarking on your medical journey in Stara Zagora is an experience like no other. Here, the pursuit of medical excellence unfolds against the backdrop of a city steeped in history and culture. As a medical student, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of learning that goes beyond the classroom. Stara Zagora’s thriving cultural scene, with its theaters, galleries, and museums, offers you a welcome escape from your studies.

Academic rigor is met with a supportive community of fellow students and faculty who are passionate about your success. The city’s emphasis on quality living ensures you have the comfort and affordability you need to thrive. Beyond the campus, Stara Zagora’s central location in Bulgaria invites exploration, with countless historical sites and natural wonders to discover.

Life as a medical student in Stara Zagora is a journey that blends academic growth with cultural enrichment and personal discovery. It’s a path to excellence in medicine that unfolds in a city where every day is an opportunity for growth and adventure.

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